The Hungarian Youth Council of Romania, the Executive Board of DAHR, Kós Károly Academy Foundation and Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies organized the 12th EU Camp for this year. In the Camp located in Izvoru Mureşului there were 280 participants attending more than 30 seminars.

„This year’s camp was different from the previous ones. 62 volunteers worked in harmony from building to the performance. We undertook topics treated as taboo by our society, though it should not! I am convinced that the utmost task of a youth organization is to address the youth in a youthful manner. This is what we did during the camp! We received several positive feedback which means that we are on the right track. I would like to specially thank to my friend Lóránd András for his work as camp manager. Further on, I would like to thank to the Deputy, Petra Kádár and to my office manager, Réka Tamás and of course to everybody who helped building and conducting the camp. See you next year!” – said Antal Lóránt, President of MIÉRT and the main organiser.

The camp organized between July 7-12 focused on immigration, current European problems and on the Roma issue. During the five-day event, attendees participated in more than 30 professional seminars, informal conversations, recreational programmes. The renewed camp hosted the exhibition of Béla Kása photographer’s nearly 40 large-sized photographs and 16 giant paintings of Hunor Jakab’s Art School.

The camp programme included Roma Day, a block analysing the situation of minorities and a unit where politicians talked about politics.  In the Taboo Corner considered a novelty there were discussions on homosexuality, drug abuse problems, the disabled and women’s rights in the 21st century.

In this year’s team game campers set up non-governmental organizations for which they established aims, vision and annual programme. The winning team was MIJÁRT (Everybody has the right to education) whose members will participate on a trip to Brussels offered by MEPs Gyula Winkler and Csaba Sógor.