The Hungarian Youth Council of Romania (MIÉRT) and its member organization the Regional Youth Council of Bihor County (BTIET) organized the fourteenth MIÉRT Academy last week-end.The programme was organized between the 4-6 December in Baile 1 Mai near Oradea in the Perla Hotel. The venue as the participants of the academy know, is not only an ideal place for meetings and trainings but also for active entertainment. The MIÉRT Academy focuses on a special topic every year, and this year the topic was employment after graduation.The speakers detailed the topics and tried to give useful guidelines to the almost one hundred and fifty participants.

The opening ceremony was held on Friday evening to which Hunor Kelemen, President of DAHR, PéterKovács, Executive president of DAHR, LórántAntal, President of MIÉRT, Ödön Szabó, MP, Executive president of DAHR of Bihor County, as well as Sándor Debreczeni, the lead organizers of the MIÉRT Academy, President of BTIET participated and held a speech.

After the opening Hunor Kelemen held a speech on A clean slate in politics – Popularity andcommunity building in the public work of the Hungarian youth. The President of the Alliance encouraged the audience to undertake a role inshaping the local public life, and everyone should try and work for the aim of community buildingto the best of their possibilities.Tibor Gulyás, President of the National Conference of Students Councils of Hungary (HÖOK) also spoke on Friday aboutwhat a degree meant and what were the trends among the Hungarian youth during the university years and after in the field of employment.

The speeches were held in two panels on Saturday. In the morning panel, Valér Veres, Reader, professor at Babeș–Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca spoke about the various environments the students come from but also about the importance of where the youth is heading to aftergraduation. It is also important to know the criteria based on which the students pick their major, and what are theirprofessional plans. LórántAntal, Rozália Biró, Senator and Imre Geréd, Executive Vice-president for youth affairs of DAHR urged the young tomake their dreams come true, dare start a business and stay home.Tünde Székely, assistant professor at Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania presented the institution, focusing mostly on the Faculties it has in Cluj-Napoca and Targu Mures. In her speech she mostly dealt withwhat region and environment the students enrolling to Sapienta come from. István Huszár, DAHR Mayor of Oradea spoke about the expansion of the industry in the city and the steps preceding it, presenting the Eurbusiness Industrial Park in detail, in which 80% of the available areas have already been leased or sold and as he put it, for the remaining 20% the contract would be concluded with the investor this very year, and thus the first modern 120-hectare industrial park in Oradea would befull.

In the second panel on Saturdayafternoon, Péter Lánczi spoke about the activity ofthe Mathias Corvinus College and the opportunities the institution offers, whileJózsef Gönczi, Vice-president of the Association for Romanian Enterprises (ROVE) and András Kapy, owner of theworld famous prize-winner Axosuits company of Oradea spoke about the implementation of ideasin their speech entitled From the idea to the success story?.

On Saturday evening the programme closed with the round table discussionof the student unions. The representatives of the National Hungarian Student Union, the Hungarian Student Union of Cluj-Napoca, the Hungarian Student Union of Oradea, Hungarian Student Union of Timisoara and the Union of Hungarian Doctoral Candidates and Young Researchers of Romaniashared their viewpoints on the students’ possibilities and the experiences about the exchange programmes.