Fidelitas és a MIÉRT shall organize together the 2nd Visegrád Youth Conference in Cluj-Napoca between 19-22 November 2015. The main topic of the conference is the consolidation of Central Eastern European identity and cooperation. Over one hundred participants from eight countries shall take part in the event.

On the opening ceremony held in Thursday Lajos Mile, Consul General of Hungary in Cluj-Napoca, László Böröcz, President of Fidelitas, Lóránt Antal, President of MIÉRT and Imre Geréd, local councillor, Executive Vice-president for youth affairs of DAHR welcomed the participants.

At the opening ceremony held in the Casino in the Park, Lajos Mile urged the attending young people to dare think in perspectives: “Our task is to tackle the challenges and problems in a wider sense. This is why I think it is important that this conference extends the idea of cooperation over the other countries of the region besides the Visegrád four.”.

“The friendship that ties together the attending organizations foreshadow a successful and integrated Central European cooperation. Hopefully among the participants there are many young men who will undertake important public roles in their home countries.” – said László Böröcz, then thanked organizers of Fidelitas and MIÉRT for the joint work.

“I welcome you all here in the European Youth Capital! The basic mission of the 2ndVisegrád Youth Conference is to strengthen cooperation. We, young men,have to learn to work together, determine common goals and work for them” – emphasised Lóránt Antal. He wished everyone a successful and contentful conference and urged the young to create relationshipsduring the meeting.

“I believe that this year Cluj-Napoca has really become the capital of Europe because the city was home to this event as well as similar events. The local young people have proven on many occasions that they can meet certain challenges that politics cannot give an answer toon many occasions.” – highlighted Imre Geréd.