The agenda of the 2nd VisegrádYouth Conference started on Saturday morning by the debate of the regional youth organizations.Then Péter Kovács, Executive president of DAHR spoke about the situation of the Hungarian minority in Romania. The third speech of the day was delivered by Gyula Winkler, European MP about strengthening Central European identity.

The Saturday agenda started with the debate of the regional youth organizations.The focused discussion was concentrated around issues related to the region such as cooperation, current political issues, migrations and the protectionof our borders and offered solutions for these problems.

Łukasz Borkowski, Vice-president of Mlodzi Democraci, State Secretary for foreign affairs, Csaba Faragó, Vice-president of YEPP and Žan Mahnič MP, President of Slovenska Demokratska Mladina took part in the debate. All the speakers agreed that Europe had to protect its borders because this is the only way to maintain the Schengen area.There is a need for a joint attitude in order to maintain the integration that we have built for long years. Moreover they all emphasized the importance of joint work and cooperation.

In the second speech of the day, Péter Kovács, Executive president of DAHR congratulated Fidelitas and MIÉRT for the successful organization. Then he presented the main directions of the DAHR policy: he stressed that DAHR strives to represent all Hungarians living in Romania. “We have three main goals: live in Romania, live as Hungarians and live better”. He said about autonomy: the stressed lies on dialogue first we have toget results in Romanian society and if we are successful then we can also convince the politicians. It is important to stress that we want to apply successful European working models.

At the end of the speech heasked the young to try and overcome the negative views on minority policy which are determined by the false conceptions of the past.

“The unemployment among the young cannot be stopped by mere slogans but only by creating new jobs” –Gyula Winkler, DAHR and EU MP drew their attention to in the last debate of the morning. He said about the adopted declaration: he supports it because he considers the challenges adopted in the documents are extremely important.

He also emphasized that the future canonly culminate under the aegis of the European Union since the Union supports its members by keeping the necessary balance. At the moderator’s question he underlined the importance of local policy: “we can efficiently appeal to the communities on local level, and this is why we have to focus more on that”.