The European Parliament’s youth event took place in Strasbourg between 20 and 21 May. During EYE2016 (European Youth Event) the headquarters of the institution was occupied by the young people for two days.

The motto of this year’s edition was “Together we can make a change. During the event the young people could choose from hundreds of lectures, debates, discussions and workshops, where they could share their ideas and opinions with each other, MPs and EU opinion formers as well. In addition, during this weekend the headquarters of the European Parliament in Strasbourg hosted art performances as well.

Invited by Csaba Sógor, MEP, 10 young people from Transylvania, from MIÉRT attended the European Parliament’s largest youth event, where the main topics included active participation, war and peace, employment, innovation and sustainable Europe.

The participants could discuss their opinion on Europe’s future among others with the EP’s Vice-Presidents, Marianne Thyssen, European Commissioner, Sakharov Prize winner Denis Mukwege and Kirill Koroteev, or with the General Secretary of the EP. Samantha Cristoforetti held also an extremely exciting presentation about the challenges of the mission at International Space Station.

During the youth event suggestions and ideas could be submitted to the MEPs, which were handed over in plenary to the Vice-President of the EP at the closing of the event. Moreover, the final report including over thousands of ideas spoken and written during the event will be sent to every MEP. Apart from the European Youth Forum’s YOFest! outdoor recreational and interactive programs, the co-organisers of the event deal also with the collection and, subsequently, with the follow-up and representation of the young people’s suggestions.