Antal Lóránt, President of MIÉRT opened the annual delegates’ meeting held this year of the 5thof March in the Köpeczi-Teleki House with a welcome speech.

“We do have results beyond any doubt, and I think we are ready for the challenges of 2016 and for undertaking a political role.” – he emphasised.

“I see that our gifted youngsters are ready to undertake a role in public life. This is why our aim is to render visible 500 young people on the DAHR’ selections list both for positions in the local council and for mayor positions.”– he said then added that not only quantity but also quality mattered, and this is whythere is work invested in training their candidates.

He said that 2015 was a silent year from the point of viewof the political campaign and this is why he used it to construct the organisation.They worked both on the internal and the external constructionof the organisation. They tried toattract as many young people as possible in the organisation and strived for strengthening the position of the organisation in the DAHR forums.

After the President’s speech, the participants to the delegates’ meeting was greeted by Zoltán Soós running for mayor in Targu Mures. “You don’t need the political organisations but rather the political organisations need you. You are the connection that an older generation can no longer create with the young.” – he encouraged the delegates.

At the event organised in Targu Mures, in his speech Péter Kovács, executive president of DAHR encouraged the local and county level decision makers of the alliance to ensure proper positions for the young on the elections list during the local campaign and not to restrict their role merely to posting and spreading flyers. “It is required that in terms of the re-planning we undertook we show people what the new DAHR generation looks like. We have to acknowledge the aptitudes of our young people and assign them certain tasks according to their capacities.” – he emphasised.

A MIÉRT tradition dating back to several years is the Pro Organizatione award, which went this year to Anna Horváth, Vice-mayor of Cluj-Napoca for her outstanding workin supporting the establishment of the organisation. Anna Horváth was extremely open and helpful towards the youth organisations supporting them in many ways.

It was the first time the organisation handed over the Young talent award to Hunor Jakab from Odorheiu Secuiesc. The award is given as in sign of gratitude for the workof the young whoinspire others by their talent working for building the community.

The awarding ceremony was followed by the speech delivered by Árpád Antal, Mayor of Sfantu Gheorghe. Árpád Antal drew the participants’ attention to the difficulties of undertaking a political role and encouraged the young to dare take on a role in public life in spite of the difficulties. He said that “a difference has be to made between those who want to become someone and those who want to do something and we must mainly give support to the ambitious and not the pushers.”

“For the Transylvanian Hungarians politics should become a vocation and power must always be used for the best purposes”, then he wished good luck to the young running for coming local elections.

After the speech Lóránt Antal gave stress balls to the young members of the organisation who were already an example in undertaking a role in public life and those who prepared for this career. The MIÉRT delegates’ meeting continued with the report of the member and partner organisations.