Romanian Government sponsors the initiation of small or medium enterprises with a maximum 200.000 lei non-reimbursable subvention, according to the 2017 state-budget law.

The 200.000 lei project called Start-Up Nation Romania Program, can be applied for based on whichever business plan elaborated by MIÉRT, for instance.

The Program is eligible for those SMEs, that were or are going to be registered after the enforcement of emergency ordinance no. 10/2017, and employ at least 2, full time workers for a period of at least 3 years. The estimated starting date of the program is 1st of May. (for more details visit:

This year the Government has allocated a much higher amount of subvention for programs that help the initiation and development of SMEs, than in previous years.

The state allocated a nearly 676 million lei budget for the projects which can be increased to up to 1.9 billion lei through commitment credit loans from Ministry for Business Environment, Commerce and Entrepreneurship.

“As a first step of tangible assistance, MIÉRT has already developed a list of 15 business plans varying from auto services to beauty salons. This present call is to encourage our youngsters to always try to profit from the given opportunities, to use our business plans, to give these projects a shot” – said Antal Lóránt, president of MIÉRT, also adding: “if we want our youngsters to plan their futures and families, to build their careers here, at home, in Romania, we certainly need to establish the proper environment for them, we need to create possibilities for them. Also, it is very important to raise their attention on these possibilities, helping and supporting their succeeding.”

In 2017 the following projects are eligible for SMEs:

  • Program supporting the development and modernization of the trade of market goods and services
  • National multi-annual program supporting the development of Small and medium women entrepreneurs’ business skills
  • National multi-annual program promoting microindustrialisation
  • Program created to organize the 2017 fair of SMEs
  • National multi-annual Program in support of crafts and folk art
  • UNCTAD/EMPRETEC Program supporting SMEs
  • Start-Up Nation Program supporting SMEs
  • State-funded program supporting Romanian economic operators in raising to international level

For the exact types, conditions and amounts of aid, please follow the link:, respectively