Fidelitas and MIÉRT shall organize together the 2nd Visegrád Youth Conference in Cluj-Napoca between 19-22 November 2015. There will be over 100 guests invited to the event from eight countries (Romania, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Serbia. The main topic of the conference will be the consolidation of Central Eastern European identity and cooperation.

The objectives and topic of the conference were presented by Lóránt Antal, President of MIÉRT, Botond Talpas, coordinator of the foreign office of MIÉRT and Anna Horváth, Vice-mayor of Cluj-Napoca at the press conference held in Cluj-Napoca.

Lóránt Antal highlighted that the consultation is the regional event of the youth organisation of the European People’s Party (YEPP) and was organised by the great effort of the MIÉRT foreign office.

”I believe that in the current situation this conference is a great exampleas the message is cooperation. It urges us, young men, to think together and work together.” – stressed Lóránt Antal. ”I think that the main goal of the event is to create relationships. Our task is create even more relations both locally and internationally. I strongly believe that it is not the positions and the instruments that help us implement certain ideas buy rather the human relationships”. The President of MIÉRT said that besides the Visegrád for the youth organisation of the Romanian Liberal Party was also invited to the conference, which already confirmed that it will honour our conference with its presence.

Botond Talpas said: Fidelitas already contacted MIÉRT last year to become the co-organiser. Back then some of the members of the foreign affairs team already took part inthe organisation.This year it has seemed obvious that due to the good cooperation and in the light of the Cluj-Napoca European Youth Capital 2015 project Cluj-Napoca should be picked as the venue. ”The city has risen up to the task of welcoming the event. I am glad that the various partners were very open: such as our professional partner, Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania that will host the meeting” – said BotondTalpas.

According to Anna Horváth the 2nd Visegrád Youth Conference is organized in the best place at the best time. “One of the important messages is that in the Central and Eastern European countries there are common topics based on which we can rise above the current political context”. The Vice-mayor also highlighted that it is important to raise the youth’s awareness on their future and perspectives.