“At the end of the program I think we can boldly say that we closed a very successful project. The result of this initiative confirmed that young people are indeed interested in public life and they want to have a say in shaping their own future, they just have to be asked.”-said Lóránt Antal, President of MIÉRT. He stressed that migration is one of the problems that mostly affects the young people; therefore, supporting young people to make their own way in their homeland must be a priority. “Solutions to these problems have to be found at the level closest to the community, at the level of local governments as well. We must support the young people; we must provide them with various discounts for land purchase and help with housing those who come home after finishing university studies and working abroad.”-he argued. Then, he added that: “We will make the results of the consultation available firstly to 750 young candidates at the local elections so that they have a current and real picture about the situation of the young people, and become aware of those problems that the young people are mostly concerned about.”

Imre Geréd, Executive Vice-president for youth affairs of DAHR, presented the way in which the consultations were conducted. He told that they chose this alternative, this unusual way of consultation carried out with 40 tablets in order to stimulate the interest of the young people this way as well and to convince them to express their views, to have a say in shaping their future. “For us, young politicians, and young leaders the task is to find solutions for the young people’s current and real problems.” He said that based on the partial results processed by sociologists, although, the majority of the young people would like to work and study abroad, still, they imagine their future in the country. “Based on the partially processed results, our conclusion is that the significant majority of the young people asked would like to remain in the country, they would like to make their own way in their homeland, but for this they need a predictable future and a safe homeland. Our task is to create the conditions for them.” He added that the results of this consultation are processed by sociologists and will be sent to the political elite.

Tünde  Buryán, President of MAKOSZ, said that high school students welcomed It’s about it! consultation caravan from the very beginning with great interest. “For MAKOSZ this caravan was very important since we got a real picture about the problems that high school students are mostly concerned about, and also the issues we have to especially deal with. We are glad that many high school students participated in the consultations, also young people who are not members of student councils, youth organizations and these students were involved actively in debating problems that affect them.”