The joint consultation caravan of the Hungarian Youth Council of Romania and the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania called It’s about you! shall start on Friday, the 8thof April aimed at attracting the young to public issues and assess their needs. The caravan shall visit more than 30 settlements around Transylvania with the cooperation of almost 3000 young people, and shall make carry out the survey on 40 participants every timeasking questions on generational issues and public life matters.

“One year ago when I was elected President of the Hungarian Youth Council of RomaniaI already stated in the first point of my programme that we have to be open to the young.We should not deal with the void structures but rather go among the young and create a personal relationship with them because we work for them and represent their interests.We would like to speak the language of the young and this is why we planned the consultations in a young like trendy environment.– said Lóránt Antal, President of MIÉRT, then emphasised that the organisation shall assess the needs of the young by this survey: the youth policy of the following period shall be based on their current interests. “In the local elections the Hungarian Youth Council of Romania has set as an aim to register 500 young persons on the elections lists. We also have to give these young candidates certain tasks designed according to the needs of the young. We have to be aware of thecurrent matters that interest them, how they think about politicians, public life and their own situation.The It’s about you! consultation aims precisely at this in order to gain a proper realistic image of the young people’s needs and set the issues that interest the young as tasks for our young candidates– he argued.

Imre Geréd, executive vice-president for youth matters of DAHR considers that the young people’s feeling of safety broken down in the past years proven by the migration and the trend of studying abroad. “The young generation is no longer interested in the habits and customs of the past; in a sense it does not have to fight for preserving its Hungarian identity all the time because it was born in a Romaniain which theoretically it has become the beneficiary of the community rights since kindergarten and also during the various educational stages.But we actually feel every day that our minority rights are impaired on, and this is why it is important to draw the young people’s attention to dare have an opinion in the way things unfold. I do believe that it is for the best of my peers that they travel abroad in the big world but I also know thatwe have to create solutions for which the young would choose to live in their mother land on the long term, and would be worthgetting on in life here – saidImreGeréd, one of the promoters of the project.

He also emphasised that: one third of the candidates running for local elections on behalf of the Alliance has not been previously involved in politics, which serves as a rejuvenating fact or for DAHR, and there are more young people on the lists than in the past four years. He considers that the foundation of re-planning and authentic politics is that the Alliance has conceived true solutions to the real problems. “We can achieve it by urging the young generationto have a voice inthe matters of their concern; we ask them in the survey to tell us their frank opinion anonymously and inform us on their expectations – the Executive Vice-presidentadded. According to him the It’s about you! depicts a true image of the current situation and way of thinking of the Hungarian youth living in Romania.

The programme shall be carried outin partnership with the Hungarian High school students’ Union in Romania (hereinafter referred to as MAKOSZ).

“It is important also that the high school students have their voices heard, too, and state an opinion on the various public matters, especially in issues of their concern or education. The most important goal of MAKOSZ is to deal with the various educational issues of special concern for the Hungarian high schools.” said Tünde Buryán, President of MAKOSZ.