Csaba Sógors’ trainee programme shall continue in 2016, too for which Transylvanian students and youth professional can apply. The winner applicants can spend one month as trainees in the DAHR politicians’ Brussels and Strasbourg offices. 

Since 2008 Csaba Sógor has received at least ten Transylvanian young trainees in his European Parliament office every year. During the one-month traineeship the participants can get acquainted with the manner in which the Parliaments work in Brussels and in Strasbourg, and can get an insight in the everyday activity of the Transylvanian politician.

The European MP has announced 10 calls for 2016 for which young people aged between 20-35 can apply who have never taken part in any trainee programme of the European Parliament. It is not a condition for the applicants’ studies in progress or the degree to be connected exclusively to administration studies, political science or international relations. The applicants who have theoretical knowledge about the European Union and the European Parliament and are familiar with the current political and public topics have better chances of being selected. At least intermediate level English, German or French is a great advantage, too.

The applicants can send their applications by e-mail until the 15th October 2015, and later on they will sit for a written test. The most successful applicants can also take part in a joint camp in November, which is aimed not only at assessing personal skills but it also offers certain training to the participants.The list of selected applicants will be finalized after the Trainee Camp.



Structure of the programme: 

The selected applicants shall spend each a one-month training at the European Parliament between January and December 2016 (except August). The exact training periods shall be worked out based on the 2016 working calendar of the European Parliament. The future trainees shall be called in based on a joint agreement yet the order of selection will determine the month of the training to be picked.


– age between 20 – 35 (the applicant cannot reach 35 until thetraineeship starts)

– University degree or studies in progress, at least first two years

– mastering two foreign languages at least intermediate level amongst which one should be English, French or German

– user-level computer skills

– adaptability to an international environment

Documents required for the application file:

– CV with photo (contact address, phone number, e-mail)

– degree copies or a bonafide certificate

– documents proving the language knowledge (We accept any kind of written document on the language skills (e.g. a certificate issued by the university on the studied languages, a certificate on medium classes, foreign language certificates etc.)

– a max. 1-page letter of motivation stating the reasons why the applicant applies for the training, his/her ideas about the traineeship and how the programme fitshis/her future career plans

– 2 letters of recommendation: one from a university or workplace

One from a public figure / a civil or political organization, church
Selection of the applications:

The applications selected based on the files will have to prove their professional and language skills in a written test. They will be informed later on the date and venue of the test. The most successful applicants will take part in a joint trainee camp, which will decide on the final order of selection.


The selected applicants will be granted financial support during the training programme from which they can finance their travel, accommodation and board.


Please send your applications together with the electronic copies of the required documentation to the address csaba.sogor@gmail.com until the 15th October 2015.


The Trainee programme can be applied for only by youth who have never been part of any other training programme with the European Parliament.

Further information:

E-mail: csaba.sogor@gmail.com

Tel: +4 0723 633 840 (Parajdi Andrea)