The Hungarian Youth Conference from Romania, the Executive Presidency of DAHR and Károly Kós Academy organizes the EU Camp for the 13th time. This year the camp is organized between July 27 and 31 and has a new location. The event is hosted by Natur Air Park in Sub Cetate. The motto of the EU Camp is “Europe of young people”.

Lóránt Antal, President of MIÉRT, said that “Similar to the previous years, in the EU Camp, a meeting point for hundreds of young people every year, we place emphasis this year also on the current European problems. We would like to discuss the relationship of the young people, the youth organisations and the European Union. I think that it is important to deal with this topic since, as we have seen in the context of Brexit, a great number of young people opted for the EU, which means that we live in a Europe of young people.”

During the presentations one of the main topics will be the 2016 local elections, recently elected young mayors and local government representatives will be invited who will speak about the challenges of the work at local governments. Similarly, events currently taking place in Europe will also play an important role as Brexit will also be addressed.

Launched last year, the very popular taboo corner will also be an integral part of the camp this year as well where participants will be able to listen to personal stories dealing with sensitive topics. András Gombola who for many years was a homeless will be invited to the camp and speak about the ups and downs of his life, while Anita Juhász will cover the topic of cyber bullying increasingly widespread nowadays. Zoltán Szabó, Kobra, will try to move the young people out of their comfort zone by telling them his memories of his European bicycle tour.

In addition to the high quality presentations, the five-day camp offers the participants many possibilities for entertainment. In the evenings young Hungarian DJs will entertain the young people and those interested can participate in the team games organized by Beerpong Association from Cluj-Napoca.

The organizers expect this year approximately 350 participants; the program of the camp can be accessed at the website In addition to the website, the latest news, pictures, curiosities are available on the Facebook page of MIÉRT (