“We live in a Europe of the young people” – declared Lóránt Antal at the official opening of the EU Camp

At the official opening of the event, Lóránt Antal, president of MIÉRT, said that they chose for this year’s camp the motto “Europe of the young people”. “We chose this motto because I think that we live in a Europe of the youth. It has also been proved related to Brexit that young people would like to live in a safe Europe, a Europe based on solidarity and common values and full of opportunities.”- he explained.

The one of the main topics of this year’s camp will be the 2016local elections. This year MIÉRT closed a successful campaign since of MIÉRT’s young people included in the DAHR lists there are 12 mayors, 3 vice-presidents of county councils, 16 county councillors and hundreds of local and county councillors representing the young people’s interests at the local governments. This is due to the fact that DAHR became open towards the young people and MIÉRT took this opportunity. On Thursday afternoon, the program of the EU Camp was organized around discussions with young representatives of the local governments. Participants can attend many presentations, then, they can listen to the objectives and plans of the newly elected mayors and local government representatives.

He said that Hunor Jakab artist contributed this year as well to the design and decoration of the Camp, the paintings located at the entrance of the Camp illustrate the superheroes of It’s about you! During It’s about you! caravan they were looking also for those young Transylvanian people who succeed at something and can set an example for the next generation.
The organizers expect approximately 350 participants to this year’s camp.

Péter Kovács at the EU Camp: more young people and women must be supported to be included on the parliamentary candidate lists

Péter Kovács, executive president of DAHR, held a political presentation about the stakes of the parliamentary elections, nomination of candidates and current political issues on July 28, 2016 in the EU camp organized in Sub Cetate.

“If a ballerina is not able do the splits or curtsey anymore, normally she steps aside. This is what László Tőkés should do, who cannot support that from a former Transylvanian hero he became in Hungary an ordinary politician, and he releases his frustration not only on DAHR, − which we have already got used to −, but also on his successor, on bishop István Csűry who supports the cooperation between church and politics, which we cannot leave without a remark. Apparently, László Tőkés cannot swallow that, whilst for many years in Băile Tuşnad he sat at the main table and got the best steaks, now he must be content with soft-boiled egg for breakfast.”− highlighted the executive president.

Related to the results of the negotiations with Hungarian parties concerning parliamentary elections, he said that the Hungarian Civil Party will be probably offered two winning places, one from Trei Scaune, another from Scaunul Odorhei or Mureş county. Mapping a possible electoral strategy for the Hungarian People’s Party of Transylvania, Péter Kovács explained: since its foundation, the only objective of the Hungarian People’s Party of Transylvania has been to do us harm, to reduce the Hungarian representation below 5 percent. “Accordingly, they will address DAHR in autumn an offer that will be impossible to implement from a legal point of view and unacceptable from a political point of view. Then, they take offence, declare war and request our resignation. Subsequently, they field independent candidates who will reduce the odds, thus, fewer Hungarian politicians will get into the Parliament because of them” – he underlined.
Instead of the quota system, when fielding candidates at the parliamentary elections scheduled for autumn, DAHR should support those young people and women who have feasible plans and are willing to take the challenge and can win– emphasized in his presentation Péter Kovács. In his opinion, the need for a change, for innovation resulted in the fact that, as strength of the parliamentary elections, new and young people will occupy winning places probably in more counties who must necessarily be introduced at national level.

Concerning the relation between the youth and politics, he explained that once he got the remark from somebody that it would be great if DAHR could get to the point where, even if young people hate it they speak about it, because it would mean that politics would get to their stimulus-threshold. “MIÉRT has to be our partner in interpreting what the young generation wants, what are their expectations of politics and of the Alliance. In this you have great responsibility and experience as well since you carried out It’s about you! successfully” – said the executive president and stated that in autumn they launch again the campaign addressed to schoolchildren with the aim to assess the opinion of each high school student studying in Hungarian.
Giving a report on the objectives planned by the Alliance until the elections, he said that in August they launch the registration campaign for the citizens who had to go abroad, the fielding of candidates will take place in September, in the first part of October the collection of signatures and, then, a campaign for presenting the objectives and results is scheduled, furthermore, they will also pay great attention to mobilization and importance of raising awareness of the use of language rights.

Democracy is permanently in danger– Ionuț Țața, president of Pro Democratia Association

Ionuț Țața, president of Pro Democrația Association held a presentation entitled “Romania after the local elections” on Thursday morning in the camp.

He started the presentation by introducing the association. Țața said that Pro Democratia Association was founded in 1990. It is a non-profit organization where there are mainly young people active. He said that after the 1990s they managed to gather thousands of observers, the role of the organization was the most important at that time. Their number has decreased since then, in his opinion “people consider that democracy in Romania is no longer in danger.”
Related to the local government elections that took place this year and to the forthcoming parliamentary elections he said that we can talk about two different points of view since, while at the local government elections the person of the candidate is determining, at the parliamentary elections the political orientation is decisive. According to Țața, “thanks to” the new electoral law at the parliamentary elections will have a chance those candidates who have a strong political organisation behind. In his opinion democracy in Romania is permanently in danger, there are always events taking place in the country that endanger democracy. In addition, there are members within the parties appointed for certain positions and they are not elected in a democratic way.

He said that in his opinion parties are responsible for the fact that people’s trust in the parliament has been shaken since they themselves fielded the MPs, sometimes incompetent persons, because of whom then the trust of voters was shaken in the institution of the Parliament.