Lóránt Antal, President of the Hungarian Youth Council of Romania (hereinafter referred to as MIÉRT) and Imre Geréd, Executive Vice-president for youth affairs of DAHR paid a visit in Targu Mures, discussing with Zsombor Brassai, Mures County President of the Alliance and István Birtalan jr., President of the Youth Council of Mures County.

The discussions were followed by a press conference in which Lóránt Antal spoke about the visits paid to the member organizations starting November 2015 as well as the discussions held with the regional DAHR Presidents during which he requested a proper representation of the youth in the elections for local government and Parliament. He emphasized that the re-planning taking place in DAHR is a great openingfor MIÉRT namely an opportunity forundertaking public roles. The 15% share established in the partnership is also required by MIÉRT in the case of young candidates. He pinned down: we have to set store byand ensure opportunities to the young, so that they get a proper position on the elections list having thus a chance in the local elections.

In the press conference Levente Kovács, Mures County Executive President of DAHR said that he deemed important to have the young in position and this is why he supported the young generation in the local elections, so that they can undertake duties in public matters, stating that he would support the same view point in the decision-making bodies of the county organization.

In Mures County two more organizations joined the 33 MIET member organizations with the organization of Band and Sambrias reported István Birtalan jr., presenting the next programmes of the youth council. He mentioned that Kocsmakvíz contest to be organized next week in Targu Mures, the Agrárakadémia that would take place on the 27th February focusing on agricultural issues, the MIÉRT delegates’ meeting to be held in Targu Mures on the 4th March and the country fair to be organized on the 1st May.