MIÉRT and the Youth Forum of Cluj County (hereinafter referred to as KIFOR) held their joint press conference on the 18th of April during which they introduced Levente Rácz and Tamás Enyedi, the young candidates on the elections list for Cluj-Napoca city hall and Cluj county council on behalf of the DAHR.

For the purpose of rethinking the alliance, in the 2016 local elections there are twice as many young candidates on DAHR list than four years ago. The Alliance acknowledged that there is a need for renewal and the verve that only young people can bring.

Lóránt Antal, President of MIÉRT said in the press conference that the most important goal of MIÉRT this year is to register 500 well-trained young people on the local elections lists who will also be assigned certain duties.“Our goal is that in every local council where there is an important Hungarian presence, there should be at least one young person representing the interests and values of the youth. MIÉRT has the task to indentify and train the talented young people who wish to undertake a role in public life.” he said, then added “The tasks to be assigned to our young candidates are classified into three major lines:representation,remaining in the mother land and support”. In order to reach these goals MIÉRT will train its candidates via local government trainings in which the knowledge gained from experienced individuals will be transferred to the young.

Imre Geréd, local government representative in Cluj-Napoca city hall on behalf of DAHR who represented the youth in the local decision-making authority in the past four years said: “The young people’s feeing of safety broken down in the past years, that why we need even more young people in the decision-making institutions. We need young people who can genuinely represent their interests and make their voice heard.” – then he added: “In terms of rejuvenation I think that in the case of Cluj-Napoca we cannot afford the luxury of not having young people represented in the local government. I will do my best to pass on the experience and knowledge I gained so far, and thus train more young people who have a global picture over the work done in the local government. We need constant rejuvenation, updating because this is one of the greatest strengths of this city, which we should not skip in politics either.The youth-related work that we carried out in the past four years reveals that the young can stand hard work and can give verve to any community or alliance.”

Géza Antal, President of KIFOR said: “We called in young people who have already proved their skills in community work, know the community they represent and are committed. They work at home and they want to stay home and continue working so that this city, this county and also Transylvania can become their home. They are prepared for the task, they can see the needs of the young, and they also count, we count on the experience of the older generation. There are young candidates in several towns and villages around Cluj county, which proves that re-planning is seriously considered in Cluj County, too. Our most important task in the following one month and a half is to have the young speak up, and urge them to vote. Our candidates can really do this.

Levi Rácz, candidate for the position of city councillor on behalf of DAHR, after his personal introduction, presented his programme and emphasized that it was important to bring real decisions for the current problems of the young. His goal is to have his plans materialized and make Cluj-Napoca a more dynamic and liveable city in the following four years. “The request coming from the youth organization was a great honour and surprise. I hope I can meet the expectations. I would like to change the youth’s opinion about politics, and take on and also change what the youth organization has achieved so far. During my mandate I would like to offer support to the young entrepreneurs and the youth.” – he said.

Tamás Enyedi, candidate for the position of Cluj county counsellor on behalf of the DAHRhas got five main objectives as follows: supporting young entrepreneurs, support the youth’s work in the local government, rural development, a stronger relationship between the county and local council, using Hungarian in the local administration. “In the past four years the youth representative proved to be of great efficient help in the work of the wing in the local council of Cluj. We would like to implement his good practice in Cluj County Council, too because the interests of the young can be best represented by a young person. Our goal is to represent the entire Hungarian youth living in Cluj County in the following four years.he declared.