MIÉRT has elaborated a list of business plans which can be realized out of 50 thousand euros. Regarding the Diaspora Start-Up Program, the president of the organization has already shared their intentions with the public, according to which they prepare the list in order to help young entrepreneurs succeed.

As a national youth organization we consider it our duty to provide tangible assistance for young people. This list is a concrete help for young people, showing them how much can be accomplished out of 50 thousand euros. – explains Lóránt Antal, president of MIÉRT.

The list contains 15 different types of business plans, from chimney-cake making to auto services – youngsters with entrepreneurial spirit can find a variety of ideas they can implement. – Young people should be encouraged by concrete measures; therefore, I support that, instead of the highly bureaucratic registration procedure, the state to give young entrepreneurs the opportunity to register businesses in a one day procedure. By this measure, we can encourage them to start new businesses, here, at home; we can ensure them they can succeed in their homeland.

You can find the business plans under the following link: www.miert.ro/hasznos .