A national delegates’ meeting of the Hungarian Youth Council of Romania elected Lóránt Antal as the new president of the organization on March 21, in Băile 1 Mai, located near Oradea. In the next two years MIÉRT will continue its activity with Lóránt Antal, President, Kádár Petra Vice-President and another 23 board members.

Adorján Jakab was the first to present his programme to the attendees of the delegates’ meeting: „the time has come for a third-generation MIÉRT. Let us stop using the concept of generation change as an empty slogan but let us allow to the youth to take charge, work and make mistakes, because they can learn of them and with this progress can ensure a new generation”.

Presenting his programme, Lóránt Antal said: „may we have the strength, courage and vision to be able to convince the young people that working for the community is good. The first step to change is to look into the mirror, realize that we have problems and we are able to solve them together”.

Prior to voting, József Szabó, the outgoing President of MIÉRT and Adorján Jakab, Vice-president of MIÉRT reported on the last two year’s activity.

„Dear Delegates! This is my last engagement within MIÉRT, so please, allow me to be myself. I always try to speak from my heart. Sometimes I try to have effect on people they do not expect to have because I feel that it is important for the young people not only to speak about the problems but also to act” – said József Szabó.

The outgoing President of MIÉRT gave guidance to the participants by taking an example form his personal life: „the most frequent question asked by my daughter at home is: Father, where do you go? I always say that I go to work because it does not matter if I have to leave due to tasks related MIÉRT, DAHR or others. It is no use explaining to her that I have been for two years the President of an organization that is the advocate of youth movements. I could never tell her details, because she would not understand yet, but later she will. Let us say it: MIÉRT is the largest youth umbrella structure in the Carpathian Basin. This is only your merit, no person or local organization can claim this achievement. MIÉRT are you, and I ask you, regardless of which of the candidates will win, to remind him that MIÉRT is about our volunteers, about those who work a lot at home for our young people. If it was not for them, then this organization would not exist”.

„In the last two years we managed to organize our traditional events, adding professionalism and creating new programmes. Taken as a whole, we close a successful mandate” – said Adorján Jakab, outgoing Vice-president. In his activity report he pointed out that in this period MIÉRT became full member of the Youth Organization of the European People’s Party, the YEPP. The Vice-president closing his mandate also highlighted two major events: last year the Parliament of Romania voted the law on volunteering initiated in 2011 and the campaign called „Fine me for speeding, not for my age!” also ended with good results as the law according to which insurance is significantly reduced for young vehicle owners was amended.

The results obtained and the launched initiatives prove the importance of MIÉRT–said Adorján Jakab. In his opinion they managed to introduce innovations to the organization, but the work must be continued regardless of who will be elected as President of MIÉRT at the weekend, at the national delegates’ meeting held in Băile 1 Mai.

The leaders of MIÉRT cabinets and the member organisations of MIÉRT gave an insight into their annual activities during the works of the delegates’ meeting.

The event was sponsored by DAHR and Communitas Foundation.