Lóránt Antal, President of MIÉRT participated in the 2nd Central Eastern European Young Politicians Forum organised between 27-31 October. The event organised in China was attended by over forty young leaders from 16 Central and Eastern European countries.The meeting was held under the aegis of the Silk Route project with the aim of strengthening the economic and cultural relations between China and the Central and Eastern European countries as well asgetting acquainted with the development of local economy and society.

44 representatives of 30 different organisations participated in this year’s meeting of the forum that is organised every two years.The young politicians met among others Li Yuanchao, Vice-president of the People’s Republic of China, Zhou Li, Deputy president of the foreign relations department of the Central Commission under the Chinese Communist Party and Gao Yan, Deputy president of the Chinese Ministry of Trade.They also visited the National People’s Assembly Hall,the adventure centre of ENN Energy in Langfang andthe incubator of Garonne.

Lóránt Antal also visited the headquarters of the Chinese International Radio Station where he also called on the Hungarian and Romanian language editorial rooms.

“We all know that China has become the second strongest economic power in the world. Participating in such forums is of the utmost importanceas we can meet major Chinese political leaders and economic actors.The young politicians from Central and Eastern Europe were also presentand with the help of the Chinse I was able to make important political relations with them. The future is about research, development and innovation. In my opinion the Transylvanian society has got the actors that can guide our youth in this direction, and thus more opportunities would open to our youth” – said Lóránt Antal.