On July 16, DAHR Council of Representatives held its meeting in Târgu Mureş. Lóránt Antal, President of MIÉRT, leader of youth group gave an account on the results of DAHR at the local government elections. He said that MIÉRT set as an objective for the local government elections to support 500 young people and include them on DAHR lists and they have got this opportunity from DAHR. He explained that 12 young mayors for MIÉRT won positions for DAHR, 3 county council deputy presidents, 16 county councillors and hundreds of urban and rural councillors will be able to represent the interests and values of young people in the next four years. During the campaign, MIÉRT held training courses on local government for young candidates on topics such as urban planning, public procurement and budget and they drafted a Guide to local government designed to be an operational compass for the winning young people in the labyrinths of administration.

He told that the consultation called It’s about you! took place during the campaign, the aim of which was to shed light on the opinions of today’s youth on current questions, public life and their own situations. “I think that we closed successful projects since we gathered useful data, we found out for example that the majority of the young people imagine their future here in the country. They want to go to study and work abroad but they want to return home! Politics must shape the vision according to this! The possibility to succeed in life here in the country must be created!” – he added.

He highlighted that the data published by the Permanent Election Commission also prove that a great number of young people voted and the hypothesis that young people are not interested in politics is not true. Young people are indeed interested in their future and they would like to have a say in the way things turn out.

“I see that MIÉRT proved once again that it can successfully carry out the tasks assigned to it and we can rely on the young people’s work! This will not change at the parliamentary elections. We have prepared candidates and strong regional organizations that will be working for the success of the parliamentary elections in the autumn!”– concluded the President of MIÉRT.