It has been almost one month since the Hungarian Youth Council of Romania elected me – with almost two-third majority – as President at the national delegates’ meeting held in Oradea. This majority including diaspora, Partium, Central Transylvania and last but not least Szeklerland, gave a vote of confidence to the reform announced by me: to a thorough and meaningful reform which was meant to change the direction of MIÉRT! The direction of the MIÉRT which, unfortunately, according to many of us moved away in the last years from real problems, turned somewhat inward and forgot that its most important mission is to represent the young people, to open towards valuable youth, to accept everyone who represents added value in youth work!

I have stressed many times already in the EP campaign that there are may valuable and successful young people living, creating, working in Transylvania, whom, for some reasons, we did not notice in the last years, we did not hear their voice, and what is more, many times we kept telling to ourselves: „everything is just fine”.

Today the president of the Alliance clearly defined the direction and the tasks: we must change, we must pay more attention to people, and we must listen to their claims and desires. This work is even more important in the case of youth people who, though have turned away from politics, are interested in their own destiny, who do not get involved in the work of community organizations, but can be mobilized for a good case, who must be addressed with future plans rather than with past results.

This is the most important task for the Hungarian Youth Council of Romania and for its elected President, for us, for me. By listening to the new generation and speaking their language, showing and accepting even more valuable young people, building a real movement, the following few months and year will be the period of opening.

The real problems of the Romanian youth are of economic nature – primarily unemployment, placement – associated with the issue of education and emigration. We have to focus on these. Naturally, the problems and possibilities resulting from minority also define the current situation, opportunities to succeed and vision of the youth, but it would be a mistake to pretend that there only these problems exist and we have to find solutions only to these. Quality education and job creation are equally of interest for the Hungarians living in cluster in Szeklerland and in diaspora in Transylvania.

I believe in the strengths of youth and I trust in the results of the re-planning already started. Good luck to Hunor and to the Hungarians in Transylvania!