This week-end the member and partner organizations of the Hungarian Youth Council(MIÉRT) and the Youth Council of Odorheiu Secuiesc(UIET) shall cultivate themselves at the conference held at Harghita Madaras in Szekler Land.This year’s event has been supportedby the Ministry of Human Resources of Hungary under the aegis of the Be successful! programme.

The two-day event was opened byJános Fancsali, President of UIET and Csaba Borboly, President of Harghita County Council.

“If we look at the entire Szeklerland practically there is no place where there isn’t a cultural event of ours or organizations in whose field of activity does not include organizing cultural events. Our member organisations also organise cultural events that contribute to the preservation of our traditions and we think that in this respect there hasn’t been any focuson the importance of cultural management, yet.”- as Presidentof UIET motivated the choice for the topic of the event.

“We deem extremely important that the youth organizations get involved more forcefully in the organization of cultural events under any form. We need to offer content to the young – our strategy is about this, which has been recently adopted by the council – and a kind of content that in some way would tie the people here, and not only tie them, but also call them and attract them backhome.” -said Csaba Borboly to the young.

Then the participants were greeted by Imre Geréd, Executive Vice-president for youth affairs of DAHR and Petra Kádár, Deputy president of MIÉRT. During the evening the focus lied on cultural management as presented by Csaba Borboly and AngélaFerencz.

On Saturday morning we listened to speeches onFestivals here and beyondabout event organization. CsongorOltean, President of HÁRIT spoke about Sic Feszt, Zoltán Györfi and Szilárd Virág about Ólomfeszt. Before lunch the European Capital of Cultre project was presented, the cooperation project between Ildikó Knop and Vektor by Zoltán Papp. The guests offered practical advice to the participants, answering their questions and presenting their possibilities.

After lunch the big shots got the floor! Andi Vanca PR Manager of ElectricCastle PR presented their activity, spoke about the difficulties, their experience, communication, creativity, long-term goals and the utilization of the possibilities.

The main pillars of the conference were the specialized presentations but our open intention was also to give the young the possibility to get together and debate on their problems. At the event that brought together almost 60 people, the participants listened to the interactive speeches in a good moodhaving the possibility to ask questions openly, exchange experience, learn from each other and from others’ mistakes.

We wanted to load this conference with a content that would be helpful to our member and partner organizations in the future with topics they areconcerned about and interested in. We offered professionalism and exchange of experience in the Szekler ski paradiseand of course we did not miss fun and leisure activities.