The National Delegates’ Meeting of the Hungarian Youth Council of Romania started in Oradea, at the Assembly Hall of the City Hall. The opening of the delegates’ meeting taking place between March 20-22, many guests welcomed the participants. The new President of MIÉRT will be elected on Saturday.

József Szabó, the outgoing President of MIÉRT opened the major event of the umbrella organisation: „it is important for the young people to be paid attention to. According to the young people the world is not identical with what it is usually taught. Young people are unpredictable in a natural way, at the same time you can be sure that young people cannot be controlled. If it would not be so, than wise sayings about youth would not exist. Since its establishment, the Hungarian Youth Council of Romania has gone through many phases. As President, I thank you that I have been part of this process and thank you, wherever you are from, that you contribute with your part at civil, movement and political level. I know that we have come to a turning-point, but young people like busy life. May this weekend be unforgettable, unique and special for everyone”.

István Huszár, Deputy Mayor of Oradea welcomed the attendees as host: „I know the rebellious youth will argue, if they have to, they bargain, if they have to and they party till the break of dawn, if they wish to do so. I wish you, dear young people, to always have enough strength and perseverance to fight for your goals, because only strife can lead to results”.

„You can help us understand the expectations of the people in their twenties from public life. You are right if you are impatient and you want rapid change since it is about your life. But you also have to understand that the values which the Hungarian representation of interest has been following until now in the country are important. I would like MIÉRT to remain the most important base for the new generation in public life” – called the attention of the delegates Hunor Kelemen, President of DAHR.

Ödön Szabó MP, Bihor County Executive President of DAHR pointed out the keystones of MIÉRT, that is, partnership, professionalism and openness. He stressed that organized along these values, MIÉRT is one of the most important strategic partners of the Alliance not only in the country but also in Bihor. Since it is built up of many local organisations, it gets the message across to the young people who are interested, at the same time, besides the efficient lobbying, the organisation has kept the movement character that has been its feature from the very beginning.

„I have come to this delegates’ meeting with peace of mind as the Hungarian Youth Council of Romania has two candidates for the position of President who can fulfil the task and meet the challenge that comes with this position. Both candidates can think in terms of MIÉRT, in terms of a national organization where the achievement of common goals is in the centre of the attention. What I can promise is that the relationship between the General Secretariat and MIÉRT will continue to be defined as a partnership” – said Péter Kovács, General Secretary of DAHR and former President of MIÉRT.

In his speech, László Bodor, Deputy General Secretary of DAHR assessed shortly the last four years: „whatever perspective I take now on the Hungarian youth of Transylvania, I can see stability. Ten years ago we only waged war with words, while in 2015 I can welcome a very stable organization based on good cooperation, and this is very important for DAHR”.

„As a tradition dating back to many years, the Hungarian Youth Council of Romania gives an award to a public figure who in the previous period gave remarkable help to the organization. This award is an honest recognition, a quiet acknowledgement” – said József Szabó, who handed over the MIÉRT Pro Organizatione award to Enikő Laczikó, the under-secretary of Interethnic Relations Office. The winner pointed out in her short thank you speech that she would like MIÉRT to become an organization that would represent each and every Hungarian young people of Transylvania. Further on, Enikő Laczikó emphasized that in her opinion MIÉRT builds on tradition, however, does not have to be afraid of innovation and renewal.

MEP Emilian Pavel thanked on behalf of the Youth Organisation of Social Democratic Party that they could get to know MIÉRT as an organisation „they can work together with and whose leaders keep their promises”. George Tătar, board member of the Youth Organisation of National Liberal Party pointed out that he represents a party that is always open to dialogue, regardless of the nationality of the partner they are going to sit down to negotiate with. At the end, he said good-bye in Hungarian, wishing the delegates’ meeting a simple election on Saturday.

Géza Vincze, the national Vice-president of Fidelitas said: „ Fidelitas wishes to develop Hungarian-Hungarian relations free of extremism that give priority to the national cause. We have to focus on building where MIÉRT is also a partner as a decisive actor of the Hungarian youth life in Transylvania”. Sándor Torzsa, President of Societas explained: „Societas does not want to tell you what Hungarian political power you should search for or not”. Representing Christian Democratic Youth Alliance, Dániel Kocsis underlined: „I trust that the settlement of the relationship between our „adults” will have a positive effect on the beneficial professional cooperation of the two youth organisations”.  Ákos Csonka, head of cabinet for national policy of Via Nova ICS added: „I must confess that many times we tried to learn good examples from you. The fact that Via Nova ICS has become the largest and most active youth organization in the former Upper Hungary is also because of you; we are grateful to you and this relationship will not be broken in the future”.  The official opening ended with the speech by Szabolcs Szénás, President of OMDSZ: „we shall not make people to become organization-centred, but make the organizations people-centred. Not people should work for the organizations but organizations should start to work for the people, for the community”.

The National Delegates’ Meeting of MIÉRT will continue on Saturday in Băile 1 Mai, located near Oradea, with the report given by the president and the board, the member organizations and affiliated organisations, respectively. In the afternoon Lóránt Antal and Adorján Jakab, candidates for the position of President will present their programmes, followed by the election.

Photos of the event can be found on the Facebook page of the Hungarian Youth Council of Romania.