On Thursday, June 2, the Hungarian Youth Council of Romania assessed at a press conference held in Târgu Mureş the campaign activity of the last period and the candidates to the local and county government elections of Târgu Mureş and Mureş county presented their main plans and objectives outlined during the campaign. The Guide to local government, a publication drafted for young government representatives was also presented.

Lóránt Antal, President of MIÉRT, said that on his way to Târgu Mureş his attention was caught by the fact that in Târgu Mureş the Free People’s Party tries to mislead mainly the Hungarian voters by stating that they have not yet had time to draft a multilingual programme, but they will do it in the following period. “In contrast, our 750 young candidates have concrete ideas and plans, such as encouraging young people to stay in the country by making use of the opportunities that the law allows, effective spending of public money, supporting youth organisations.” He added that: “We permanently hear that our young people choose to leave the country instead of making their own way in the homeland. We disproved these assumptions during It’s about you! caravan since we got once again convinced that the majority of our young people envisage their future in the homeland and all over Transylvania there are many successful young people of action. We are prepared; our candidates are ready to participate in public life and to represent the young people’s interest. Let us not allow others to decide what is good for us. It is ours, the young people’s turn now. Now we have the possibility to be represented by young people in the local governments. Let us not leave to chance the future of the young people’s on June 5. Go, young people, go!”

Imre  Geréd, Executive Vice-president for youth affairs of DAHR, said that DAHR has become open towards the young people in the recent times, there is an ongoing renewing process in the alliance in all areas and levels, both at local and county government. “We field young candidates at the elections. Among others, we held government training series for these candidates in all regions of Transylvania and we drafted a Guide to local government in order to help their work at the local governments.” He explained that the Guide to local government presents the structure of local government’s operation and includes useful tips and advice, illustrating with practical examples, such as how can an idea become a council decision. He said that every young local government representative will be given this guide.

 „Recently, it has become clear that people need a change, they feel that both Târgu Mureş and Mureş county make no progress, and this must be changed. Both our candidate councillors for the county and for Târgu Mureş are ready, have experience and are capable to work for the local governments. There is a chance for change if everybody is going to vote on June 5 since change depends only on us, and, this is the only way to take the path of development and only this way the county and Târgu Mureş can become a liveable, likeable place.”-said István Birtalan, President of MIET, related to the elections in Târgu Mureş.

Előd Barna Bodó, candidate for Mayor of Pănet, spoke about his election program. He said that he will place great emphasis on the young people’s proper support since the future lies in them: “As a young person and member of NGOs I have witnessed what a great power lies in the young people who are eager to be active. They are not different to the welfare of their own community, but they rightly expect that the young people’s initiatives be supported as well by local governments. On the basis of my experience acquired in the civil society, as a mayor I would like to help especially the work of every youth NGO. We must rely on each other in order to strengthen our community, not only on June 5 when we will vote, but afterwards as well.

Mihály Levente Kovács, candidate for county councillor explained: “Nowadays, there is a special need for the stamina of our generation and willingness to be active. I am proud that in Mureş county among the local government candidates of over 1000 there are 209 aged under 35. The great number of young candidates demonstrates the ambition of our generation. In addition to claiming the reformation of the political system and eradicating corruption in Bucharest and on the streets of many towns, we are also capable to have a say in shaping our future between the grey walls of meeting halls.”

Szabolcs Bakó, candidate for the local government, drew attention to the importance of young people assuming responsibilities and their proper representation: “As a youth candidate I consider it important that the young people participate in the work of local government and in the public life. Huge progress has been made in Târgu Mureş and Mureş county, for the first time in 25 years we manage to nominate youth candidates. This also demonstrates that the young people are able and are capable to work for the community. As a councillor I would like to make young people’s voice heard in the local government and implement their plans. A new and youthful vigour is important for the city”.

Árpád Géza Kovács, candidate for local government, encouraged the inhabitants of Târgu Mureş to vote by illustrating the importance of voting with a personal example. “In the yard of the Catholic parish, during a friendly debate, one of the co-workers of the parish said the following to me: Géza, you will be a councillor if every Hungarian is going to vote plus one Romanian. Based on this conversation, I can do nothing else but ask every Hungarian inhabitant of Târgu Mureş and one Romanian friend of mine to vote and vote for me, however, nobody can succeed alone. In the words of István Széchenyi: For one person everything is difficult; but for many there is nothing impossible. Humbly I ask everybody to vote for the DAHR team and for Soós Zoltán, independent mayor candidate.”-he added.