“The purification process going on in the Romanian society and political life opens the gates for the young –said Lóránt Antal, President of the Hungarian Youth Council of Romania at the Diaspora Conference held in Timisoara. This is why we have to open our doors to the youth, we have to welcome them to our organizations and assess the valuable people”. The diaspora conference of the conference series organized every year by MIÉRT was entitled the Colours of the diaspora. The youth conference was organized by the Timis County Youth Council (TEIS) in Timisoara between 20-22 November. The event held this year was supported by the Ministry of Human Resources of Hungary under the aegis of the Be successful! programme.

After welcoming the guests on Friday, Ferenc Halász, President of the Timis County DAHR, Zsolt Molnár, MP and Gábor Olah, President of TEIS greeted the young participants. The dinner offered the opportunity to get acquainted, which was followed by evening bathing at the local SPA and Wellness centre.

On Saturday morning, the conference started with the speeches by Lóránt Antal, President of MIÉRT and Imre Geréd, Executive Vice-president for youth affairs of DAHR with the speech entitled An Overview of the Diaspora. The new President of MIÉRT invested in March this year said that it would be useful to create a database that would be helpful for identifying the young Hungarians and contact them directly. “Next year the youth would be the asset, the power that could bring an added value to the elections”– said Lóránt Antal who spoke about the purification process in Romanian society and political life that opened the gates for the young. „We have toopen our doors to the youth, we have to welcome them to our organizations and assess the valuable people because should DAHR get to government again, MIÉRT should have people to name to state secretary, management or ministerial positions.” Imre Geréd, Executive Vice-president for youth affairs of DAHR spoke about the rejuvenation process that started in DAHR a decade ago, and presented the points concerning the youth in the Diaspora Action Plan adopted in Timisoara one week before. DAHR grants 15% of the positions in all its structures for the MIÉRT youth.

“It is not a mere coincidence that there were two national diaspora conferences held in Timisoara within the course of one week.–declared Zsolt Molnár, Timis County MP –we have worked a great deal and I myself have worked a lot for repositioning Timisoara in the Hungarian circuit of Romania, and regain the worthiness that it used to have in the Hungarian public life in Romania.This is why it is important that we convened the DAHR Diaspora Day and the MIÉRT Diaspora Conference in Timisoara in the same year, in order to prove that there is Hungarian life in Banat, there is Hungarian youth, and show off our values with which we can contribute to the life of the Hungarian community living in Romania. We deemed important to introduce the successful young people in Timisoara whom we are proud of.”

In the second part of the day, the representatives of churches and educational institutions presented first the operation of youth groups inthe church and then the situation of the Hungarian education in Timis County. Further on several successful young people took the floor, people who do well in their field from whom the participants found out that one can really do well in the diaspora and how the minority condition can be turned into an advantage.

In the closing part of the conference the representatives of the regional organizations presented each a specific event.

At the MIÉRT conference in Timisoara young people coming from five diaspora counties spoke about their particular problems, presented their successful projects and events and agreed upon their future programmes consulting with the national MIÉRT leaders. “When we laid the foundation stone of the Timis County Youth Council, we already told MIÉRT that we do want to organise the Diaspora conference. – declared Gábor Oláh, President of TEIS– I feel that this conference will meet the young’s expectations; listening to our speakers and the joint consultations they will be able to conceive ideas, which they can fully put in practice after they go home, starting on Monday and the things will go into the right direction.”