The Hungarian Youth Council of Romania (hereinafter referred to as MIÉRT) proposes and supports reducing the tax burden of young entrepreneurs since this is the only way to keep the young in the country and get on in the homeland.

MIÉRT sent to the Economic Council of DAHR its proposal according to which it supports the decrease, annulment of capital return tax and the abolition of reinvested profit tax related to the enterprises of the young people aged under 35.

In the new program adopted in April, DAHR wishes to deal in particular with domestic small and medium-sized enterprises. Antal Lóránt, President of MIÉRT said that the proposal was drawn up by the Hungarian Youth Council of Romania in the light of this decision. In his opinion these drafts might contribute significantly to the success of the directive supported by the Alliance according to which keeping young people in the country, getting on in their homeland is a top priority.