On the 28th of January, at the Cultural Palace of Târgu Mureș, DAHR held its first Council of Representatives of this year. With this occasion Lóránt Antal, president of MIÉRT and chief of the Youth Faction of the Council also took the stand.

The president in his speech congratulated the Alliance for the outstanding results achieved at the parliamentary elections, also acknowledging the efforts of those who have worked hard in order to obtain the afore-mentioned success.

He emphasized how significant it was during the campaign that the Alliance had the courage to touch those hot topics, that Bucharest was reluctant to deal with, thus indicating that we are present in the public life of Romania, we do have an opinion about the issues Romania is confronting, and we do have the right to participate in resolving these issues that are also affecting us.

In his speech, Antal reviewed the activity of MIÉRT during the campaign: we had four highlighted candidates: 3 candidates for the House of Representatives Norbert Apjok (Maramureș), Tamás Enyedi (Cluj County), Nimród Tubák (Mureș County), Csongor Olteán (Covasna County) and one for the Senate, Lóránt Antal (Harghita County), the organization’s president, himself. One candidate became member of the House of Representatives: Norbert Apjok, member of two Standing Committees by now – Standing Committee on IT and Standing Committee on Defense.

Norbert’s priority is to maintain as many amendments proposed to the Youth Act by MIÉRT as possible during the lawmaking process, as well as to represent the Hungarian Youth in Transylvania, to make their voices heard in the Parliament of Romania. – as told by the president.

During the campaign, our candidates took on one topic each, building their messages around these topics, which were: rural development, economic development, youth affairs in general, vocational education and healthcare – specifically highlighting aspects of these issues concerning the youth. We were observably and definitely present in the media, our social media platforms having up to 20 thousand daily reaches on average, having multiple TV and radio interviews, attending more than 200 campaign events, forums and campaign rallies.

Today’s Council is very important, today we decide about the person who will fulfill the position of the Executive President of the Alliance in the next two years. I sincerely believe that Mr. President has chosen the most adequate person for this function.  In the name of the Youth Faction I firmly declare that we support Bálint, we wish him good luck and great success in carrying forward the work we have started – the president continued, highlighting the importance of maintaining a healthy cooperation between the Alliance and the youth.