MIÉRT also participated in the debate held by the Ministry of Youth and Sport in Bucharest on the 6th January 2016 focusing on the youth act and the regulations concerning the young (Law 350/2006).

The youth organization submitted several proposals during the meeting such as the proposal concerning Article 17, which would encourage the young to set up a business by tax incentives. According to the proposed article, the young who have completed secondary school and wish to start a business should get a discount on their taxes for one year. As an amendment to the article a new proposal was submitted to the young mother’s interest for whom the state could grant support by creating new part time jobs.

The other proposal is also related to Article 17 based on which the employers that would hire inexperienced young people would be granted tax incentives, stimulating thus the employment opportunities of the young on the labour market. Among the amendment proposals there have also been regulatory proposals concerning the amendment of the non-discrimination regulation; MIÉRT submitted several proposals regarding minorities.

Moreover, the organization stressed the outstanding importance of vocational education in the sense that vocational education should be supported according to the needs existing on the labour market.

The members of the delegation were Csongor Oltean, President of the Youth Council of Trei-Scaune (hereinafter referred to as HÁRIT) and Vice-president of MIÉRT, Szilárd Péter Kelemen member of HÁRIT board and Vice-president of MIÉRT and Lőrincz Széll, Manager of the Youth and Sports Directorate of Hunedoara County.

“2016 will be an election year. It is a rare opportunity for the young to contribute to the establishment of the political relations and what is more any young man can become a decision-maker. We can implement concrete measures by such or similar amendments by which we can support the youngin staying at home.”- Lóránt Antal, President of MIÉRT declared.

“Our Romanian peers were also well-prepared for the debate, and during the meeting we felt that there was a real openness towards the ideas andconceptions of the young. It seems that this time we have the opportunity to influence our own affairs.” – said Csongor Oltean, President of HÁRIT, leader of the delegation in his capacity of MIÉRT Vice-president about the meeting held on Wednesday.

The suggestions for the amendment of the youth act shallbe submitted to Parliament by the Government. Both houses of Parliament have tovote for the amendments in order for the law to come into force.