Delegates of the Hungarian Youth Council of Romania talked about pearl hunting in diaspora with media professionals on Wednesday morning in Cluj-Napoca, on the terrace of Culina Nostra Bistro.

„The duties of MIÉRT include representation of interests, and as an umbrella organisation grouping together regional youth councils, its task is to stand up for its organizations if somebody hinders the work of its member organisations. As Vice-president of MIÉRT and former president of MAKOSZ, I cannot just sit back and watch what NSKI (National Strategic Research Institute) does with the students in diaspora” – started the discussion Petra Kádár, Vice-president of MIÉRT.

It is neither small nor easy task to build a Hungarian community living in diaspora. What NSKI does is not a solution for the situation of diaspora since it does not take into consideration the pupils’ best interest.

„At the beginning of 2015 we found out that the staff of NSKI travelled to Mediaş, Sibiu, Blaj and Bistriţa-Năsăud county. There is nothing wrong with that. They can pay visits but they will have to let us know. We will invite them, welcome them, but they should announce their coming because they do not come as natural persons but they introduce themselves as the most important background institution of the Government of Hungary. As long as they would like to implement strategic steps in our local communities, they should not take decisions and steps without us. We are not used to this in Transylvania, Romania. If Romanians would like to make decisions about Hungarians, they ask us, at least this is the custom in diaspora” – detailed the situation Botond Balázs, President of MADISZ in Mediaş.

The problem here is that the staff of NSKI did not involve the civil organisations, community organisers in the procedure, thus, they did not assess realistically the problem and the result speaks for itself. It is unacceptable that young people living in diaspora are attracted to leave their homeland. This is not a solution.

The money spent by NSKI for this should be invested in affairs which provide real solutions for the actual problem.

MIÉRT would like to thank through the National Strategic Research Institute to the Government of Hungary and to the Parliament of the Republic of Hungary that they are concerned with the destiny of diaspora, destiny of students, but those who do not live in diaspora should not give their opinion and should not suggest solutions. Those who live here are more credible, who live their everyday life among the people, who face these problems, who have been trying for so long to find a solution. They should ask us, they should elaborate and adopt decisions about us together with us, not over our head.

We read many times in the media that Jenő Szász and the institute led by him were asked to give account as there were billions of HUF he could not spend. It can be concluded that Jenő Szász does not understand the importance of the institute and his real task.

We hereby ask the Government and Parliament of Hungary to take steps so that the money of Hungarian tax payers no longer is distributed by the National Strategic Research Institute as it wishes, but on real problems trying to help in concrete situations. If it cannot do that, we ask without delay the resignation of Jenő Szász, head of the institute.

Furthermore, we ask to launch a dialogue under the slogan „every Hungarian is responsible for every Hungarian” in order to solve the problems with the involvement of experts, for the settlement of real problems and for the efficient use of funds allocated for this purpose.