„The delegates of the Hungarian Youth Council of Romania elected – with nearly two-third majority – president from Szeklerland to the head of the organisation. I think that this carries a strong message. The President of MIÉRT can be again somebody from Szeklerland as the Transylvanian youth and the representatives of the umbrella organization understood that we can only be strong together, and it seems to be confirmed that there is no war between the regions, but a healthy competition resulting in development” – said Lóránt Antal, the new President of MIÉRT on March 28, at the meeting of Alliance Council of Representatives where he reflected upon the national delegates’ meeting held one week ago.

„I announced reform in my programme. I realized that the structures created more than 10 years ago are no longer fully operable. According to my most important proposal, MIÉRT should be based in Cluj-Napoca. According to the statistics, many students try to make a living and a future after finishing their studies in this city, and they no longer consider staying home a priority” – pointed out Antal, than he added: for him not only those young people are important who feel close to the Council, but also those who have not yet been reached because they stay away from politics. According to the President of MIÉRT, in the following period the primary goal is to create a space in Cluj-Napoca where young people dare to enter and it feels like home to them.

„Last year as MEP candidate I faced a great challenge, but now as President of MIÉRT I can only emphasise: 2016 will be a very difficult year. There will be local and parliamentary elections that can determine the future of DAHR. Much will depend on the youth, and at the same time as Hungarian Youth Council of Romania we will be able to produce real work and values if we will be able to involve in our activities successful young people  who do what they like. Without purpose-driven and exemplary youth there will be no progress, therefore we will have to show through them as well that working in politics and working for public affairs is not a shame” – concluded Lóránt Antal.