On the 6th Hungarian Days of Cluj-Napocaduring the Friday programme held in the Youth Pavilion exchange students spoke abouttheir studies,experience and travels. Zsuzsanna Nagy, Karola Kotró and Lóránt Korodi-Vass shared their experience with the interested audience during the free discussions entitled See the world! organised by MIÉRT.

The three former students had the opportunity to study in France, Poland, Spain, Belgium and Portugal thanks to the Erasmus programme. All three stressed that they became richer by many new and useful experiences, and they encouraged the young participants togive it a try.

“For participating in the programme one needs an advanced language certificate, which is normally English but in Belgium for instance almost no one speaks English, so it is of great help to speak the language of the country we go to more or less.” – recalled Lóri. Zsuzsa highlighted that besides the grades for her it was a great advantaged in the application that she had previously volunteered a lot. She recommended the participants to acquire similar experiences.

From the discussions it emerged that the educational requirements were high in all three cases. “I had 11-12 subjects, I loved studying because I picked my own subjects” – said Karola. “In Portugal for instance the marks range from 1 to 20; at one point I got a17, which is a rare mark, however this kind of assessment motivates you better than the grading system that we have here” – said Zsuzsa.

Besides studying and hunting for credits there was also time fortravelling, making friends and partying. Karola also visited Auschwitz, which was the experience of a lifetime for her. Zsuzsa recalled the atmosphere of the Portuguese carnivals while Lóri called the entire adventure a big “Erasmus experience”.

At the end of the discussion all three of them encouraged the young togive it a try. Thanks to the programme they can get to know many new people, new cultures, and they became more independentand see the world with other eyes. These impulses can become useful later in finding a job.

The panel was supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.