Talented youth must be given chances for development – said Lóránt Antal, President of MIÉRT at the opening of the 12th EU Camp in Izvorul Mureşului. This year’s EU Camp will take place between July 7-12, organised by the Hungarian Youth Council of Romania, the Executive Board of DHART and Kós Károly Academy Foundation.

„It is important to keep our eyes peeled spotting the talented youth. I am doing that all the time. It is not always about money, the camp’s facilities speak for themselves, we needed creative youth who only had to be provided with direction” – said the President of MIÉRT and the main organiser.

According to Lóránd András, camp manager of Roma origin, the term gipsy has a pejorative meaning in the Transylvanian society. MIÉRT wants to change this with the camp atmosphere.  People generally focus on negative things, but if we look around, we can meet many successful Gipsies.

In the camp area there will be a photography exhibition by Béla Kása, consisting of photography series displayed already in Berlin, Brussels, New Delhi, Sziget Festival and many other places. „I have been following and documenting the life of Gipsies from the beginning of the 1970s. I started to take pictures of the Roma due to my curiosity and the prohibition. They have always accepted me and treated me well” – recalled the photographer.

The Art School of Jakab Hunor made for this camp 17 large-sized paintings entitled Human destinies. Hunor Jakab emphasized that they record the thoughts of the persecuted and of the immigrants from a new perspective by depicting certain moments.