This year’s main objective of Magyar Ifjúsági Értekezlet (Hungarian Youth Conference from Romania) was to send 500 young people to the candidate lists (for the offices of county and city councillor, mayor and deputy mayor) during the local government elections.  Thanks to DAHR’s opening towards young people, this was achieved, moreover, this year approximately 750 young people were included in the lists of candidates. MIÉRT placed great emphasis on the preparation of the young people as well; they organized a series of government training courses in Partium, Central Transylvania and Szeklerland. Besides, they also prepared a publication, the Guide to local government aimed at helping the young government representatives.

Lóránt Antal,  President of MIÉRT explained: “The young people sent to the local government lists by Magyar Ifjúsági Értekezlet have concrete ideas and plans, and we also assign tasks to them: they have to stand up for the young people, they must represent the interests and values of the new generation. We must initiate and support programs that help young people to stay in the country and make their own way in the homeland. And we must draw up a financing scheme at local level that provides proper financing for youth activities and events. I am convinced that our young mayors, local and county government representatives will bring new dynamism, new ideas and hard work that the community expects of them.”

Imre Geréd, Executive Vice-president for youth affairs of DAHR, said that recently, DAHR has become open towards the young people and there is an ongoing renewing process in the alliance carried out in each area and level, both at local and county government levels. “As a result of the opening carried out in recent years twice as many young candidates were included in the lists as four years ago. The fruit of this opening and cooperation is that now there is a great number of young people present and they can represent the interests of the youth at the local and county governments. Across the country many young people got involved in the campaign of the Alliance through the member organizations of MIÉRT and supported the candidates. I think that we can boldly state that thanks to the young people this has been so far the most dynamic the most youthful campaign.”

”The government elections in 2016 are a milestone for the young people in Transylvania; these were the elections where the young people played an important role both in the campaign and in the bodies. I thank everybody for their commitment. We start working with full steam on Monday.” –added Szilárd Péter Kelemen, leader of MIÉRT’s government cabinet.