The young winners of the EU Camp visited Brussels, the “capital” of Europe between 16-18 November 2015 thanks to the Hungarian Youth Council of Romania, and MP’s Csaba Sógor and Gyula Winkler. In the following one can read the account of the EU Camp winner team, the MIJÁRT.

Our team spent three eventful days in Brussels, the “capital” of Europe between 16-18 November 2015. After our arrival on Monday afternoon, we went sightseeing and saw the places of interest in Brussels then in the evening, we dined together with the MP’s.

We visited the Parliament on the second day where we were guided by the MP’s, we visited the meeting rooms, we saw the flags then after a hearty lunch we went to see the Parlamentarium. After the Parlamentarium we went to the Music Museum and a conference on biology.

This day also ended with a dinner together then we went back to the hotel and we celebrated with the other team members this great beginning of the week.

We had a great time during this studytrip but we also got a lot of information. We got an insight into the way the European Parliament works, we met and talked to the employees, asked questions to which we always got satisfying answers.We liked the approach we experienced there, and it was great to see how open and helpful the employees were.

The entire team thanked the organizers, the MP’s and their trainees. We spent three eventful days in Brussels where we acquired new knowledge, new relations. Thank you!

MIJÁRT –Learning is for everyone team