The Youth Organisation of the European People’s Party – YEPP celebrated its 20th anniversary between 8-12 February in Rome, Italy. MIERT’s Delegation also participated in the event.

Joseph Daul, president of the EPP encouraged the participants with the followings: Europe needs you – young people who are willing to act and to be involved, because you are the ones who will build the European project even further. He is convinced that he can count on us. The voice of young people is more important than ever. They represent the future of Europe.” – he added.

Prior to the celebration, YEPP members gathered for a council session, to discuss one of the major problems of today’s politics and public life: populism, trying to find a way of battle against it. It became quickly clear that we need to work out a strategy in order to fully understand this phenomenon, to fight it properly and to earn back the trust of the voters.

Besides that, the council adopted many important resolutions on the following topics: abolishing the concept of unpaid internships at the EU institutions, strengthening the entrepreneurial spirit of young European people, nonetheless the Council agrees on urging a more receptive, more active European citizenship.

These documents bear with a high importance, given the fact that they will be transmitted to the highest European leaders, politicians and the most influential formers of the public opinion.

During the council, Ambrus Zsombor, leader of the MIERT delegation reported on the current political situation in Romania, also sharing the organizations attitude towards these aspects:

MIERT and DAHR are against the modification of Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure Code by an emergency ordinance of the Government. We firmly believe that the modification of the two legislations are due and necessary, because their regulations give way much space for abuses, but we need to accomplish these modifications in the Rule of Law, respecting the principles of separation of powers, through the proper legislation procedure.