On the 20th of May more than 100 young people gathered in Áron Márton square in Odorheiu Secuiesc where young candidates of youth organisations included in the 2016 local government election list of DAHR were introduced at a press conference.

Lóránt Antal, President of the Hungarian Youth Council of Romania (hereinafter referred to as MIÉRT) said that this year one of the most important objectives of the organization is to include 500 young people in the local government election candidate list (office of county councillor, city councillor, mayor and deputy mayor) – young people, who are prepared and who will be assigned duties. He added that, in addition, they drafted a guide to local government, which they hope to be useful for the work of the locally elected representatives in the following four years. “The Guide to local government will help the locally elected young representatives to implement their ideas more effectively.” He stressed that “Of course, we are also proud of the fact that there is a young, very capable woman candidate for Odorheiu Secuiesc, and we know that, following June 5, she will turn Odorheiu Secuiesc into a dynamic city, provided that she is given a vote of confidence. All of us need a mayor who understands the language of the young people, who sees them as values not problems.”

Szilárd Péter Kelemen, leader of MIÉRT’s government cabinet said that in 2012 the Hungarian Youth Council of Romania had 365 young candidates aged under 35, a number doubled this year. There are almost 750 young candidates this year on DAHR lists; over half of them are active in youth organizations.  “It is important to mention that we actually assign duties to these candidates. According to our surveys, all over Transylvania there are only 9 Hungarian local governments where a youth fund operates. Therefore, one of the most significant tasks we give to our young candidates will be the creation of youth funds.”  He underlined that they think as well of those young people who would like to work for the public good, therefore, they will initiate the establishment of the position of town or village manager in the local governments, through which young people will be able to engage in the community life. He added that the Guide to local government can help as well in fulfilling these duties.

Csongor Oltean, President of the Youth Council of Trei Scaune (hereinafter referred to as HÁRIT) said that in 2008 a process has begun in Trei Scaune where the young people concluded a partnership with DAHR, and as a result of this process this year, in 2016 HÁRIT has 125 candidates at the local elections.  Related to the elections in Odorheiu Secuiesc, he added: “In Sfântu Gheorghe we are daily working to ensure for the young people quality education and usable knowledge they could use to enter the labour market. Compared to this, here we hear that the mayor in Odorheiu Secuiesc tries to make vocational education impossible. And all this merely to serve his own political interests, trying this way to fight his political battles with Csaba Borboly. There is no way to build a town with ongoing circus, neither to keep young people in their homeland. We need cooperation to provide our young people with quality vocational training that will offer them immediately usable knowledge. Broadening and strengthening vocational training is the task and responsibility of each politician. We are not surprised that Levente Bunta is not popular among the young people in Odorheiu Secuiesc. We, the inhabitants of Sfântu Gheorghe would like to send a message to them: change lies in your hands. Now you can elect a mayor, in the person of Orsolya Arros, who sees the future in the young people and not enemy.”

In the conclusion of the press conference the young people popped balloons marked “Bunta”, symbolically indicating that there is a need in Odorheiu Secuiesc for innovation, for a mayor who regards young people as partners.