The Council Meeting of the youth organisation of the European People’s Party (YEPP) took place between 19 and 22 May in Bucharest under the heading: „New Narrative for Europe”. The event was organized in Bucharest by the National Liberal Youth (NLY) and the Hungarian Youth Council of Romania (MIÉRT) in partnership with Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) political foundation.

In the opening on Thursday, Sven-Joachim Irmer, President of KAS in Romanian and Moldova, Konstantinos Kyranakis, President of YEPP and representatives of organisations of the country hosting the event delivered welcome speeches.  For MIÉRT Zsombor Ambrus, one of the coordinators of the cabinet for external affairs welcomed the attendees. At the official opening ceremony on Friday, Vasile Blaga, President of the National Liberal Party, Sven-Joachim Irmer, President of KAS in Romanian and Moldova, and Enikő Laczikó, State Secretary of the Department for Interethnic Relations, took the floor, while Laurenţiu Ştefan, domestic policy adviser to the President, read the message of Klaus Iohannis, head of state. For DAHR, Enikő Laczikó, State Secretary of the Department for Interethnic Relations, welcomed the participants and said that this year MIÉRT sends more than 500 young prepared candidates for the imminent local government elections, representing DAHR, and this number is also due to the fact that MIÉRT is not a member organization of DAHR, but its strategic partner.

On Friday the program continued with welcome speeches and panel discussions. The first discussion revealed the European People’s Party’s results and challenges to date, while the second focused on the topic on the EU’s role in the local elections.

The Council Meeting of YEPP took place on Saturday, where decisions prepared by working groups were adopted. Eight decisions were put to the vote on different topics. Among these, the decision on low tax strategy should be noted, which is important also from the point of view of MIÉRT, since by such and similar initiatives young people can be encouraged to start a business.

The second remarkable decision supported also by MIÉRT refers to the extension of the Schengen area. Although, this decision was not adopted, it was a great occasion for MIÉRT to draw attention to the importance of Romania’s accession to the Schengen area.

Related to the weekend’s meeting, Lóránt Antal, President of MIÉRT, said that: “It has been also our opinion for long time that the relationship between young people and politics needs to be based on new foundations, and the main topic of the weekend’s Council Meeting of YEPP in Bucharest was exactly this. We believe that there is a need for a new narrative, since, according also to the latest Eurobarometer statement more than half of the young people feel isolated and marginalized from the economic and social life. The members of the youth organization of the European People’s Party also agree that there is a need for new strategies in order to bring the young people closer to public life, politics and to be able to strengthen voter confidence. This is why we launched the It’s about you! consultation caravan six weeks ago, to be able to address to the young people in their own language and to convince them to have a say in debating issues related to public life, in shaping their own future.”

The event ended on Sunday with the departure of the participants and was attended on behalf of MIÉRT by Lóránt Antal, President of MIÉRT, Zsombor Ambrus, Csenge Frunda and Zsuzsánna Balázsi, members of MIÉRT cabinet for foreign affairs.


Photograph: Péter Láng