“I think that we can boldly state that nowadays in many areas of the society we talk about the young people. We, the young people also have a prominent place in the political rhetoric which shows good direction, but this process would only have tangible results if the young people’s legitimate representatives take part in the decision-making also at the highest levels.” – stated Lóránt Antal, president of MIÉRT, related to the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

Just as we have been convinced at this year’s local government elections, many capable and able Transylvanian young people from MIÉRT undertook a role in public life and they are prepared to lead their communities. The proof of this fact is that 12 mayors, 16 county councillors, 3 county council deputy presidents and hundreds of local government representatives representing DAHR will have the possibility in the next four years to represent the interests of the youth. This is why we are convinced that adopting decisions about the future is recommended only where representatives of the generation that will mostly be affected will be present. Lóránt Antal said that it is expected that MIÉRT will have young MP candidates in many counties at the parliamentary elections in autumn. “We have prepared young people and in many counties we will announce candidates who then will participate in the ranking congress of deputies and in the pre-selection.” –announced the president of MIÉRT.

MIÉRT successfully carried out the duties assigned also during the local government elections, and it will do the same at the parliamentary elections in the autumn. Our task is to bring politics closer to the youth, “to interpret” what the young generation needs. We must recognise the increasing role of the young people and we have to give the opportunity to those young prepared people who have feasible ideas and plans, to do their bit in the work and represent the young people’s interests at the highest levels since young people can only be represented substantively by young people.